Acts of Aggression
September 9th - October 14, 2017

An Exhibition about Community
Curated by Laura A.L. Wellen

Artists talk: October 14, 2017
A talk with James Sullivan, Hellen Ascoli, Reyes Josué Morales and Laura A. L. Wellen.

Acts of Aggression considers the many ways we construct and process experiences of community, especially within dystopic day-to-day realities. From affective processes of remembrance, solitude, play, misunderstanding, collaboration, and care, we experience myriad forms of encounter in our interactions with others. Through these shifting points of contact, connection, and disconnection, we outline the (ever-changing) parameters of our communities and define our own situations within them. Working 20 years after the official end of Guatemala's civil war, the 11 artists in Acts of Aggression navigate the reconciliation of historic with ongoing violence, challenge political amnesia, care for self and others, and build strategies for working through and around disastrous systemic failures. Acts of Aggression looks to small gestures, conversations, and ways of being to suggest their deep political relevance and argues that our attempts (and failures) to connect to each other constitute a resilience that has significant ramifications for how we might face the aggressive present.

  Participating artists: Hellen Ascoli, Esvin Alarcón Lam, Edgar Calel, Manuel Chavajay Moralez, Margarita Figueroa, Jorge de León, Reyes Josué Morales, Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa, Gabriel Rodríguez Pellecer, Mario Santizo Inés Verdugo.


Images: Xxavier Edward Carter (MFA’19)