Form Follows Color
January 25 - February 29, 2020

Explores the union of painting and ceramics through relief study and making.

This exhibition was a collaborative class between SMU Profesors Barnaby Fitzgerald and Brian Molanphy. 

Exhibition design: Sofia Bastidas Vivar

In the 2019 fall semester, SMU Division of Art professors Barnaby Fitzgerald (painting) and Brian Molanphy (ceramics) brought their separate courses together for a collaboration to combine painting and ceramics in bas-relief.
Form Follows Color focuses on the pedagogical thinking behind the task of making an image with clay, firing it into a bisque and painting it. While two- and three-dimensional works are typically seen as separate, Molanphy says, “Bas-relief, and ceramics in general, are the happy confluence of dimensions. To cut and to build clay in order to draw reveals a profound sense of line, tone, volume, shape and color.” The works exhibited in Form Follows Color are a mix of bas-relief pieces as well as paintings, studies, tests and experiments from B.F.A and M.F.A. students, teaching assistants and professors who participated in both classes.

Participating artists: Elizabeth Betzen, Frances Burrus, Jacob Carter, Barnaby Fitzgerald, Eva Gliozeryte, Taylor M. Knight, Brandon McGahey, Brian Molanphy, Samantha Record, Katelynn Owen and Danqing Zhang.

Images: Kevin Todora