May Show : Looms 
May 25 - July 14, 2019

Curated by Partial Shade at Sweet Pass Sculpture Park. 

Supported by the Pollock Gallery

The act of weaving interlaces many distinct elements to create a new whole. Framed and facilitated by the structure of the loom holding warp threads taut, weaving is a negotiation between structure and softness. The generative tension provided by the loom keeps many loose threads from becoming a tangle.

For this exhibition Partial Shade envisions the plot of land comprising Sweet Pass as an oversized loom, a site of tension and potential — meandering between wilderness and maintenance, organic growth and industrial development. Neighborhoods, railroads, factories, trees, weeds, wildflowers and roving packs of small dogs surround and define the character of the Park, which in turn provides a space open for reception, reflection, conversation, community-gathering and the formation of new ideas and relationships.

The works included in Looms, brought together from across the country and woven into the landscape of the park, operate as weavings as well: disparate clay parts melt into a sloppy slurry, bees cling precariously to avocado nets, viewers consider identity through a game of connect four, an orchestral score is revealed in parts, bodies, cloth and printed images mimic the landscape - each holds their own intention while developing an interwoven relationship greater than the sum of its parts.

Participating Artists: Cameron Cameron, Jesse Cline, Leticia Contreras, Zack Ingram, Ariel Rene Jackson, Eric McMaster, Joiri Minaya, Jonathan Molina-Garcia, Michael Muelhaupt and Virginia Lee Montgomery


Partial Shade is a nomadic curatorial project focused on organizing visual art exhibitions in non-traditional spaces, with work that is responsive to, considerate of, and affected by its environment. Untethered to one specific site, Partial Shade operates as a model for a sustainable, alternative exhibition platform, and offers artists the opportunity to experiment with work that wouldn’t otherwise fit comfortably in a conventional gallery space. Partial Shade is organized by Rachael Starbuck, Michael Muelhaupt, and Jesse Cline.

Sweet Pass Sculpture Park is an artist run exhibition space located on an acre lot in West Dallas, TX. Programming highlights emerging and mid-career artists in an outdoor setting on a rotating basis. Sweet Pass is a project by Tamara Johnson and Trey Burns.